About us

PAREKIDE ELKARTEA is a NGO, non governmental organization which focuses on cooperation for development and promotion of women and the immigrant community working for the human, integral and endogenous development.


The people who make the organization share their passion and respect for achieve equality before inequalities in society taking into account the characteristics that make their cultures and lifestyles. World traditional values ​​of cooperation and solidarity, camaraderie, respect for nature, perseverance, determination, hard work and optimism, permeate all the work of PAREKIDE ELKARTEA. Since PAREKIDE was founded in 2011, it has been very clear that the main objective is to provide infrastructure and skills to those in need and help them to manage their own model of sustainable and equitable economic development for women and men. The human and professional training is one of the pillars of PAREKIDE as key to socio-economic development of the population and as a tool of empowerment.


PAREKIDE ELKARTEA is composed of the following professionals and volunteers

ADDRESS and professionals:

President: Sarai Martin Ruiz. sarai@parekide.org

Secretary: Vanessa N. Zamora. vanesa@parekide.org

Treasurer and Coordinator: Manex Duo Larrauri. manex@parekide.org

INDIA project manager:

Maria Cordoba: mery@parekide.org


– Amaia Benito: Graphic designer and project manager for Africa

– Aitziber Osorio: Volunteer in the finance area

– GAUEKO small cooperative (Informatic Support)